Call Girl life

Life of a Call Girl-A real Story

I remember the last time I was living at home. That was 7 years ago back in 2007. Home is Calcutta in India, by the way. I had finished high school and was looking at a 6 month gap before college. So I decided to join a call center for lack of better things to do and because it was the ‘rad’ thing to do back then.

India’s BPO industry was on the rise, there was a large demand for such centers all over the country, and Calcutta was no different. Anyone with half a brain and passable English (which in India is most everyone who’s finished high school) was given a chance. Those recruited would then be part of a 2 month long training/probation period after which around half were allowed to join the ensuing games.

I remember my trainer, I want to call him Devdas because that’s the first name that comes to mind and I don’t recall his actual name. Devdas was a tall, lanky man with a full moustache like the ones you see in old bollywood movies. He was a brown guy with a thick American accent and he had made it his life’s mission to ensure all his trainees would as well. Turn American or lose your job — that was the spirit.I recall being absolutely bored out of my mind on most days, but as I write out of memory it should have instead been utterly amusing. By the second week we had already been allocated to different teams working for different clients. Our days were spent half on understanding our client’s business, operating the interface, learning the actual tasks and the other half, which was my favourite half — we would be getting to know that fine lady called the United States of America and some of her favorite things such as Dr.Seuss and bacon.Call centers have two divisions, the outbound team and the inbound team. Outbound is sales — make a dozen calls to a bunch of folks and try to sell your (un)attractive product and hope that some poor bastard will fall for it and you will be able to keep your job. Inbound on the other hand is customer service — said folks call/e-mail you. So you get to either call and harass people and be really-frickin-abused or you get to pick up the phone and be harassed by a tad less abusive people. I was the latter — thank goodness. I worked for Mobile Messenger Australia which meant my hours were 4 am to 2 pm according to Australian time. The worst was the US shift, or more (un)popularly known as the ‘graveyard shift’ because you work through the night. Really busy call centers are active 24×7. As the US shifts goes offline, the Australian one comes online and after that the UK shift and so on.

Those in the inbound team considered themselves lucky; neither did they have sales targets to accomplish nor did they have rude and harrowed non-customers to face — which tended to be the rule rather than the exception. Oh the stories that we would hear from our friends down the hall. Americans had quickly gotten wind of the fact that a large number of jobs were being outsourced from the West to the East, they were angry and they were taking it out on us. Some people would cuss and scream profanities through their mouthpieces, possibly shaking and punching the machine like it was the poor thing’s fault. Others would be more subtle, and wished to catch you in the act.

American guy: “So John, where did you say you were calling from?”

Indian guy: “Oh I’m calling from Portland.”

American guy: “How’s the weather up there?”

Indian guy: “It’s wonderful today! The sun’s out and it couldn’t possibly be warmer today!”

American guy: “Funny you should say that, because I am in Portland too and it has been raining all morning.”

There were a bunch of things we had to keep in mind. For instance, quoting temperatures in degrees Celsius is a dead giveaway too, Americans like their Fahrenheit scales you see. Training soon started to get creative, one such lesson I had was “telling the difference between New Yorkers and Arkansans”.

The volume of business for these call centers have since been rapidly decreasing. In most cases, it is due to countries like the Philippines taking over, Filipinos naturally speak English with neutral accents, while for most Indians no amount of training can get that Indian accent out of their systems. It has been demonstrated to be especially irksome for the end-customer to have to speak to a non-native sounding voice on the other end of the line no matter how grammatically accurate it was. From the business point of view, clients possibly felt like that the service delivered to them was inadequate and imperfect. Mass recruiting meant poorly trained individuals who performed inadequately and erroneously.

From my personal experience, my team was far from high-performing. My team had consisted of a mixed group of barely-adults like myself, college goers, all the way to people in their mid-40s. Despite our age differences, we all had some common ground, we were the ‘in-betweeners’, we were all in between something, in between two jobs, in between high school and college, in between college and first real job. Nobody really cared for or stayed long enough to perform with zero error and maximum efficiency. Or perhaps it was because 9 out of 10 people smoked, and 8 out of those 9 people smoked every hour? Someone should do a study to find correlation data between smoking frequency and productivity losses among desk-bound employees.

Not surprisingly, we were fired by Mobile Messenger Australia less than half a year after we signed. And that was the end of my life as a ‘call girl’.

P.S. While we’re on the subject, there’s this movie called ‘Outsourced’, it’s absolutely cheesy, and exaggerates reality way too much, but it does have some funny bits.

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Girls call for push to take part in polls

At MCM DAV College, Sector 36, two candidates were nominated for the post of president and vice-president and one each for the post of secretary and joint secretary Going by the list of candidates who have been nominated to contest the election in the girls’ colleges, the participation has considerably gone down. In the Post Graduate Government College for Girls, there is only one eligible candidate for the post of the president and two for the post of general secretary, while for the other two posts, no candidate was proved eligible. At MCM DAV College, Sector 36, two candidates were nominated for the post of president and vice-president and one each for the post of secretary and joint secretary. Most of the girls feel that it is only during the election that the girl power disappears completely. Out of 1,500 students, only seven girls come forward to file their nominations. “It varies from person to person. It’s just the mindset that needs to be changed that girls cannot prove themselves in politics,” said a nominee from PGGCG11. Sukriti, who has been nominated for the post of president at SGGSCW, Sector 26, said, “There is a pre-conceived notion among us that girls are misfit in politics and they can never lead a group of students. We need to be pushed enough towards everything, especially the student elections. We need a little more exposure. Majority of girls in our college carry a ‘who cares’ attitude which is not right.” In Dev Samaj College for Women, Sector 45, only five girls made it to the final list of eligible candidates for the post of president, while four for the post of vice-president and two each for the posts of secretary and joint secretary. Dean Students Welfare (DSW) Poonam Gupta said, “The participation from girls is not active here as in the co-educational colleges. The girls who have filed their nominations wanted to withdraw their names as they are worried what they would have to do after election.”


Keeping Your Standards High Showing Others How To Treat You

When it comes to keeping our standards high, we so often find our insecurities getting in the way. We unconsciously let go of the standards we set so often because we want the approval of others by accepting less than what we deserve. So often when we do this, we give our power to others and allow them to control us. We’re left sharing parts of ourselves with people who don’t care to see our worth. We allow this fear of rejection to take over what we truly believe in, and we literally end up agreeing to lowering our standards just for the sake of someone else’s approval. We agree to the low-level expectations of others and we let go of our standards so quickly because we often think that we can’t do any better than what we’re being offered in the moment. We’re afraid that the opportunities being presented to us will never come again or that we can’t do any better than what we’re being presented with. Therefore, we quickly let go of everything we set our higher-selves up for and succumb to the lower-level experiences people offer us. This is subconsciously living in a mindset of lack.

When you let other people see that you will take whatever they have to offer you and not exactly what you want, this is when you give your power away. Whether it is in career, relationships, work, or any other experience you want, when you settle for less, that is always what you will receive. So take back your power instead and show people how to treat you by keeping your standards high!

“What You Allow, Is What Will Continue…”

1. Stop Being Afraid Of Setting Standards

When you’re afraid to set your standards high, this will only attract what you don’t want into your life, but when you keep your standards high, this attracts exactly what you want in life. Many times even the people around us, things we see on TV or hear in songs even, make us feel insecure for setting our standards high, and that’s how we become afraid of keeping them. We think because of our high standards we will lose people and opportunities. If other people choose to accept low-vibrational people or opportunities into their lives, let them, you don’t have to follow what others do. Stop allowing other people’s expectations to influence how and why you set your standards.

2. Your Standards Will Weed Out The Bad Ones

When you hold yourself up high, it is visible, people see this and respect it. Sometimes you may think or feel people are afraid to approach you because of the way you are, and that is not fear – it is respect. Whether it’s in friendships, family or romantic relationships, keeping to your standards helps you weed out the people you don’t want in your life and more importantly attracts the people you do want into your life. A lot of people know they can’t keep up to your standards but will try to get you to lower them when given the opportunity. In the end, you’re the one who’s going to be unhappy, knowing that you deserve more than what you’re getting. The best thing you can do about it is acknowledge when someone doesn’t match your standards, and go about your way finding your tribe who does.

3. Show Yourself Love and Respect

When you set boundaries and take yourself seriously and you choose to commit to yourself and put yourself first, you will not put up with people who waste your time. You will become used to being able to take care of yourself in a way you know that you deserve. When you don’t break the promises you make to yourself, you won’t entertain others who do it to you either. In respecting yourself you will show others how to respect you. Therefore, if someone decides to come into your life and treat you any less than how you treat and respect yourself, you will immediately kick them out because you know your worth. When you respect yourself and your standards on that level and some random person who comes into your life doesn’t, then you will love yourself enough to realize that and not entertain it. Don’t allow others to mistreat you and don’t settle for less.

4. Get Clear On Setting Your Standards

Know exactly what you want like the back of your hand so that when opportunities or people come your way that are less than what you know you deserve, you do not accept them. Get clear on what you want, what don’t you want and what your non-negotiables are in every area of your life. Be clear and notice when you try to opt for lower standards and then don’t! Set them high and keep them there. Remember to not let your limiting beliefs get in the way of what you know you deserve (and not what someone else thinks or says you deserve).

5. Learn to say ‘No’

Do not allow your time and energy to be wasted on people who can’t give you what you want. Learn to say ‘no’ to people who walk into your life and tell you they are only willing to offer less than what you want. Some people will make you think that you are less than what you know you deserve or even confuse and manipulate you into accepting their low standards. Learn to be direct and let go of people like this. If people think your standards are “too high” or make you seem like you’re “crazy” for wanting what you want then let them go. Don’t run after someone who makes you feel like if you don’t give them what they want, they’ll leave. Let them leave and move onto to people and opportunities that will give you everything you’ve ever wanted and more

Where boys routinely follow girls, and no eyebrows are raised

Varnika Kundu’s ordeal took place late at night, but on the geri route, stalking takes place in broad daylight, is a public activity, and treated as if it is a coming-of-age ritual.

YOUNG COLLEGE boys in flash cars, loud music reverberating from their vehicles, squealing rubber on tar and catcalls, as the vehicles stop-start at the sight of the other sex — it’s all too common in Sector 10, the heart of Chandigarh’s infamous geri route And what’s common too is the view that there is nothing wrong about this activity. The word geri literally means “round” or roam, but over the decades, Chandigarh has embraced and normalised the “boys follow girls” routine that takes place on this route through sectors 8, 9, 10 to 11. This is also where DAV College, Home Science College for Girls in Sector 10 and Government College for Girls in Sector 11 are located. “We come to relax our eyes here,” said one male college student.

Varnika Kundu’s ordeal took place late at night, but on the geri route, stalking takes place in broad daylight, is a public activity, and treated as if it is a coming-of-age ritual.

The men are all in swanky cars or on motorbikes. And perhaps it’s no coincidence that the ritualisation of stalking and ogling on the geri route grew as car ownership became common among youth in the late 1980s, and moved to a new level in the 1990s.

Girl students of Arts College in Sector 10, adjoining the Leisure Valley Park, are the most vulnerable. The men mostly drive Punjab-registered cars.

“We have heard a lot about geri route and this Leisure Valley route. We are hostellers and students of a private college and we are here just for a drive with friends,” said one man, who was there with his friends last Thursday.

The activity peaks at the beginning of each academic year, as well as on Valentine’s Day and Holi, two occasions when men seem to think they have the licence to cross all lines of decent conduct, and with women they do not know.

The police are mostly onlookers, holding that they cannot act until someone complains. But so normal has this activity become that there are few complaints from women of harassment on the geri route.

Women and girls

Today more girls than ever go to school. However, despite progress, women and girls continue to face multiple barriers based on gender and its intersections with other factors, such as age, ethnicity, poverty, and disability, in the equal enjoyment of the right to quality education. This includes barriers, at all levels, to access quality education and within education systems, institutions, and classrooms, such as, amongst others:

  • The international community has recognised the equal right to quality education of everyone and committed to achieving gender equality in all fields, including education, through their acceptance of international human rights law. This means that states have legal obligations to remove all discriminatory barriers, whether they exist in law or in everyday life, and to undertake positive measures to bring about equality, including in access of, within, and through education.

High-class call girl’s job

She’s smart, beautiful and ambitious, college educated, fluent in French and trained as a classical pianist.But she isn’t the girl you’re taking home to Mom.She’s a $5K-an-hour high-end hooker.

When you shell out for the kind of escort Gov. Spitzer allegedly hired, you get what you pay for.

Masters of the universe – industry leaders, powerful politicians and celebrities – want more than just quick sex. They’re seeking brains, beauty and ambition, someone “nice” who won’t make them feel as if they’ve been forced to slum it for sex.

“The agency for which I worked pushed cultural background,” says Jeannette Angell, author of the memoirs “Callgirl” and “Madam,” who worked as an escort in Boston in the 1990s. “The women were educated, could converse on political issues or on philosophy or in another language. They were women you wouldn’t feel embarrassed about taking out to dinner with your business colleagues.”

“The average guy who pays for a high-end service is between 40 and 50 and he books for three hours,” says former pimp Jason Itzler, who was arrested in January 2005 for running a Manhattan brothel that catered to the city’s elite.

“Let’s just say that sex lasts for about two minutes and the rest of the time the girl is schmoozing him and feeding his ego.”

Today’s high-end call girl commands from $2,000 to $10,000 for one hour. But the hefty price tag comes with some outrageous demands, the kind the girls (including Spitzer’s alleged girl) call “unsafe.”

“Look, the more expensive the suit they have on, the more bizarre their requests can get and the bossier they can be,” says former escort Samantha Waters, who has been flown around the world to service CEOs, lobbyists and professional athletes.

Waters, author of “The Dot.com Call Girl,” comes from a privileged background and got a degree from the university of San Francisco philosophy. While turning tricks for millionaires, she held down a second job as a dynamo sales representative for a silicon valley tech firm.

“They are very arrogant, and they bring their power in society behind closed doors with them. The more white-collar gentlemen want the risky behavior. They are more likely to ask you to have sex without protection and then throw in an extra couple of grand for your trouble,” Waters says, adding that condoms are almost always mandatory, even at the top of the pricing scale.

Clients often offered to triple Angell’s rate if she would forgo protection.

“My health is worth more,” she says.

Other requests, though, got the okay. “One guy asked if he could dress up in women’s clothes and requested that I call him Christine instead of Chris and paint his nails,” says Waters. “Another wanted to pretend the whole time that he was appearing before the board of Barclay’s Bank, in the nude.”

Not all clients want kinky sex for their cash. Many are seeking one very specific fantasy: the “girlfriend experience,” called G.F.E. in the biz.

“I was expecting all kinds of bondage scenarios and costumes,” says Angell. “But for most men the fantasy was to have a really, really nice date … which I found amazing and a little sad, that it was about reenacting the genteel things, like holding the door and asking you about your preference in wine. And never mentioning money because it’s a date.”

“It’s important to understand it didn’t really mean you’re their girlfriend,” says Tracy Quan, a former hooker and author of “Diary of a Married Call Girl.” “It just meant that you were nice and that you were cuddly.”

At the height of his business, Itzler’s arsenal included 120 women he sent to high-powered clients. He held daily casting calls for new ones.

“I said no to 19 out of the 20 women I would interview,” Itzler says. “The girls I chose weren’t just smart and beautiful but ambitious, and they wanted to get to know the heads of industry. They had a purpose and it wasn’t all money. They wanted to get ahead.”

His employees worked two or three days a week, with one to two appointments a day, making as much as $100K a month that they spent on expensive apartments, shoes, bags, trips and up to $600 a week for personal grooming.

They carried on real relationships, too. “Sometimes we would laugh about it and say, ‘I really feel like I shouldn’t have this boyfriend. I should be out working.'”

Itzler says his girls earned the luxury of a personal life.

“At the end of the day, these girls didn’t need to do this. They could have dated a rich and powerful man who would have taken care of them, but they wanted their own money and their independence, and this job gave it to them.”

Murdered woman was a call girl

Driver held; suspect’s sketch to be released today

The woman murdered last evening in the top government-run Hotel Shivalikview has been identified as Ravinder Kaur (30), alias Muskan, a known name in the call girl circle of the city.

Police investigation today got a boost when it arrested an auto rickshaw driver who dropped Muskan at the hotel along with a person who is now the prime suspect. The police has apprehended some persons (not yet identified) in connection with the murder. It has got the mobile number of Muskan and is tracking recent calls. It has, however, not got the handset which, according to the driver Kulwinder, she was carrying when he dropped her at the hotel.

Her identity was today confirmed when her parents came to the city from Chamba. The police had last night suspected that she was the call girl who was facing trial in two cases registered against her in the Sector 39 police station in 2002. Cases under the Immoral Trafficking Act were registered against her in July and August 2002.

The police had also questioned Muskan during a recent campaign against call girls. She told the police that she had left the sleazy business and was going steady with a man. The police has recovered photographs, diaries, addresses and phone numbers from the house of Muskan to cull information and develop leads.

Kulwinder Singh of Daddu Majra Colony, who generally picked up and dropped Muskan from her house in Sector 38 (West), reportedly told the police that a man and Muskan took the autorickshaw between 5 and 5.30 pm from her house. They first went to Sector 37 where the stout, bearded man got down, leaving behind Muskan. He returned within a few minutes. They then went to Hotel Southend in Sector 35 where Muskan and the man probably had tea. The driver didn’t know about any developments after they were dropped.

The police has prepared a portrait of the suspect and would release it tomorrow.

It has made inquiries from several call girls of the city to establish the motive behind the murder. Police teams have been sent to Pinjore and Kalka to contact girls who had earlier been associated with Muskan. It is also making inquiries about the person whom Muskan claimed she was going steady with..

Muskan had earlier stayed in Sector 37 and a girl staying with her had committed suicide.